• Voice-Overs and Professional Voice Demo
  • Voice Training &
  • Accent Reduction

    I am an experienced Voice Coach and teach
    Communications and Media and Radio
    Broadcasting part time at TAFE in Sydney.

    I can help develop your voice through
    voice-coaching in elocution, expression, voice
    projection, accent reduction as well as
    voice-over work and radio announcing, etc.

  • Group Classes or Individually
  • Corporate Voice Training
  • Accent Reduction
  • Voice-Over Artistry

    I tailor each tuition to each client
    individually and as such the duration of the
    sessions is dependant on your natural voice
    skills, experience and your confidence.

    Sooner or later, to get into the voice-over
    marketplace, you will need to start recording
    your voice in a proper broadcast studio and as
    such prepare to record your first demo. As your
    demo is essential, I have developed a ‘Demo
    Package’ which includes voice training and
    preparation for your broadcast standard
    professionally produced and mixed voice demo.

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